How do I check my Minute Balance on my Tracfone?

If your minutes left do not show on your screen you can go to your menu and click on prepaid. Then scroll down to “Airtime info.” Both your airtime balance and Due date will show. You must add another Tracfone card to your phone before the Due Date to keep your service active. Even if you have minutes left you will need to add another card to keep your service active.

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What is a Tracfone Minute Card?

To keep your Tracfone active you must have both service time and minutes on your phone. If you run out of either your phone will not work. Tracfone Minute cards will have a stated number of minute that you get when you add them to your phone. If you have DMFL on your phone this number will be doubled. Most Tracfone cards add 90 days of service time when you add them. The yearly cards add 360 days and there are some small denomination cards that only add 30 days of service.

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How much do Tracfone Minutes Cost?

Tracfone minutes cost less as you buy more. If you buy a $20 card you will pay 33.3 cents a minute if you do not have DMFL or 16.7 cents a minute with dmfl. The $30 120 minute card the minutes cost 25 cents or 12.5 with DMFL. The $40 200 minute card costs you 20 cents or 10 cents with DMFL. The $80 450 minute card costs you 17.7 cents for minutes or 8.8 with DMFL. Just release is the 1500 minute $200 card which costs you 13.3 per minute or only 6.6 per minute with DMFL.

Tracfone Prepaid Annual Mobile Plan

Tracfone has two annual plans.

$100 Tracfone Annual Plan

They market a $100 annual card which you get 400 units (800 if you have Double Minutes for Life. This minute card always has bonus codes readily available which will frequently get you an additional 200 to 400 additional units. Check for the newest Tracfone Bonus Codes. If you just receive Eight hundred Tracfone units with this card it will only cost you 12.5 cent units and less than $9 per month for phone service. monspin-030110.

$200 Tracfone Yearly Plan

Also you can purchase is a $200 per year plan. This $200 plan offers you 1500 minutes (3000 using DMFL) and also a year of service time. With Dmfl installed these minutes are 6.6 cents each plus your monthly price is under $17 a month.

With either of these plans when you run out of Tracfone minutes before the year is up you are able to purchase extra minutes by just buying another phone card. Get $3 purchase discount on any Tracfone mobile phone or accessory $19.99 or more with promotion code 23444

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The $200 Tracfone Annual Plan

The $200 yearly Tracfone plan is the best bargain in prepay mobile phones. No one else provides twelve months of service to use the cell phone with the very low per minute rate of 6.6 cents a minute with DMFL.

What is DMFL

Tracfone Wireless Prepaid DMFL is Double Minutes for life of your phone. With DMFL you will receive twice the minutes which are printed on the Tracfone card. This will last as long as you own your cellular phone. If you allow your service to lapse the DMFL will work if you reactivate your mobile phone. I do not advocate ever putting minutes on a Tracfone that does not have Double minutes installed on the phone. Do not install two double minute cards you will not get quadruple minutes.

Buy the $200 Yearly plan and get one year of service and 3,000 minutes with DMFL. Please be sure you have DMFL installed Before adding the $200 card.

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